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Amber Diffuser

Amber Diffuser

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Rejuvenate Your Inner Oasis & Experience Bliss Like Never Before!

In today's world, where stress is imminent and health scarce, it has become crucial to take care of yourself & your loved ones. Inspired from earth elements, the Lumitia™ Amber Diffuser is designed to help rejuvenate your inner self. Experience benefits like boosted mood and focus, relieved stress, & peaceful sleep



💫 A one of a kind diffuser that creates two enchanting flame effects, completely safe to touch, for a warm & blissful atmosphere.

💫 Say goodbye to insomnia and experience quality sleep like never before. It is whisper quiet, making it perfect to add to your or children room.

💫 Built-in smart auto-shut off enables it to automatically power off when the water is running low, preventing any likelihood of the damage.

💫 It features a compact design, making it effortless to carry and a perfect addition to your bedroom, living room, or anywhere you like to relax.

Lumitia Promise - 60 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

We want you to be 100% joyful with your purchase. The Lumitia Promise is simple - if, for any reason, you are not satisfied from the day of your purchase to (60) days, we will completely refund your money. No questions asked! We want you to love your product and experience with us.

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1. Can I use tap water or does it have to be purified/distilled?

No, you can certainly use tap water. 

2. How much water does Lumitia Diffuser hold? How often should I change it?

The Lumitia diffuser holds 180ml of water. We recommend changing it daily to prevent grown bacteria and other diseases. For more guidelines on this, please check our FAQ page.

3. What essential oils can I use?

You can use any of your favorite essential, Ayurvedic, or cologne based oils. The sky is the limit 😊

4. Is the flame real? Is the fog hot or dangerous?

The flame is neither real nor the fog is hot and dangerous. The fog is a special effect designed to connect you to your inner oasis. Drop a few liquids of your favorite aromatherapy oils and experience a new realm. 

5. Is the Lumitia Diffuser safe?

Absolutely! In reality, the diffuser offers numerous health benefits. Pair it with your favorite essential oils and see the difference 😊

6. Is the diffuser noisy?

No, the Lumitia diffuser is whisper quiet. The noise reduction technology enables it remain extremely quiet; hence, allowing you to relax or sleep peacefully. 

For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

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Create. Restore. Transform.

Immerse yourself in a new wellness journey and rejuvenate your inner oasis.

  • Lumitia-Amber-Diffuser-How-To-Use-1

    Pour distilled (or tap) water until the max line.

  • Lumitia-Amber-Diffuser-How-To-Use-2

    Add your favorite essential or Ayurvedic oils.


Turn it on and enjoy the surreal moment!

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Burdette Wintheiser

This is the perfect humidifier....easy to fill/setup, can be used with or without essential oils, has almost no noise, very lovely FLAME, and puts out a substantial mist ! My skin has been extremely dry this summer and I believe this will help regain some moisture to it.

Esther Simonis

Fast delivery!

Stefanie Jenkins

The Lumitia diffuser is one of the best ones I have owned. Lift off the cover to put water in. No unscrewing anything to get water in a small hole. I use distilled water so I don't get mineral deposits. This is more expensive than using tap water but it saves on the life of the unit. The biggest benefit is the auto shut off where the diffuser shuts off automatically after putting in a timer.

Norene Gleichner

This product is beautifully designed and an absolute must have. So happy!!

Paxton Orn

Too Beautiful… Just missed being RGB otherwise very beautiful