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Cherry Blossom Wood Diffuser

Cherry Blossom Wood Diffuser

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Rejuvenate your inner oasis and enjoy a serene aromatherapy bliss right in your car.

The elegantly designed, all-natural compact diffuser not only acts as a décor but also can be re-used till eternity with your favorite scents. There is no plastic or harsh chemicals used. It is eco-friendly and also provides an opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint. 💚


An eco-friendly diffuser made out of gorgeous wood, designed to create a warm and blissful aromatherapy atmosphere.

No plastic or harsh chemicals used. The wood is the most natural carrier of oils and diffuses their aroma slowly over time.  

Apply 3-4 drops of your favorite essentials oils. Please wait 96 hours before using a new scent to avoid a blend of scents. 

Experience a soundless atmosphere in comparison to the electric diffusers that emit sounds, allowing you a restful sleep

compact design, making it travel-friendly and easier to carry. Create a peaceful abode anywhere your heart desires!

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Enjoy a soothing aromatherapy experience right inside your car!

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    Pick your favorite Cherry Blossom diffuser.

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    Add your favorite essential or Ayurvedic oils.

Attach the clip to your car's vent & add the diffuser on the magnet. Enjoy the surreal experience!

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    Travel Friendly

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    Hassle Free Cleaning

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    No Sound

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great value

Compared to other diffusers on the market, this one provides a lot for the price and is also eco-friendly!

Im impressed!

The cherry blossom diffuser is very unique and I love it!


Keeps my car smelling nice but you have to refill the scent every 2-3 days.

Beautiful diffusers

You just have to wait for few days to use a new scented oil otherwise these are well made diffusers!

Cute diffusers

I love these mini cute diffusers in my car! They are super easy to install and you can also use a different scent each time!