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Can I use tap water or does it have to be purified/distilled?

No, you can certainly use tap water. 

How much water does Lumitia Diffuser hold? How often should I change it?

The Lumitia diffuser holds 180ml of water. We recommend changing it daily to prevent grown bacteria and other diseases. For more guidelines on this, please check Q7 on this page.

What essential oils can I use?

You can use any of your favorite essential, Ayurvedic, or cologne based oils. The sky is the limit 😊

Is the flame real? Is the fog hot or dangerous?

The flame is neither real nor the fog is hot and dangerous. The fog is a special effect designed to connect you to your inner oasis. Drop a few liquids of your favorite aromatherapy oils and experience a new realm. 

Is the Lumitia Diffuser safe?

Absolutely! In reality, the diffuser offers numerous health benefits. Pair it with your favorite essential oils and see the difference 😊

Is the diffuser noisy?

No, the Lumitia diffuser is whisper quiet. The noise reduction technology enables it remain extremely quiet; hence, allowing you to relax or sleep peacefully.

How do you clean the diffuser?

1. Fill your diffuser about half way with clean water. Make sure you stop well below the max line. 

2. Add 10 drops of pure white vinegar as this will help remove the build up of oils stuck inside the diffuser. 

3. Run the diffuser for 3-5 minutes to allow the water-vinegar mixture to disperse throughout the unit and clean it.

4. Drain the diffuser completely.

5. Using a cotton swab dipped in vinegar, clean the tight spots and corners of the diffuser to make sure that no spots are left dirty.

6. Rinse with clean water. Empty again and you’re good to go.

7. Use a dry cloth, or more cotton swabs or cotton balls to wipe the diffuser and dry it thoroughly.



It is a good rule of thumb to clean the Lumitia Diffuser after each use. Even if you don’t run the vinegar water mix for 3-5 minutes, be sure to drain your diffuser completely and place a little vinegar on a paper towel, or cloth and wipe it out.


By cleaning your diffuser after each use you are…

1. prolonging the life of your machine.

2. preventing left over oils from blending with the next oils.

3. preventing corrosion on any of the parts of your diffuser.