Introducing Guardelle™: Your Pocket-Sized Guardian of Safety!

A trusted companion, empowering you with immediate safety at your fingertips.

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It's Like Carrying A Mini Fire Alarm!

Ever felt uneasy? Wondering what to do? Just pull the pin for a HIGH-PITCH SIREN and flashing light, making your safety a priority. When you feel comfortable again, tuck the pin back in—simple, discreet, and always ready when you need it!

How Guardelle™ Works?

We Hope You Never Have To Use This, But If You Do....PULL THE PIN! When activated, it emits a powerful flash and piercing sound, ensuring you're noticed and grabbing the attention of others when you really need it.

  • 130dB Loud Siren

    Anxious when out alone? Pull the pin for a loud siren and flashing light—simple, effective, and attention-grabbing for staying safe.

  • Non-Violent

    Say goodbye to the need for physical confrontation! Guardelle™ helps keep you safe by distracting threats and getting attention without using violence.

  • Safety-First

    Feel safer knowing our little helper is there when you need it. Easy to carry and always ready to assist in any uneasy situation.

  • Airline Friendly

    Take Guardelle™ anywhere, unlike pepper sprays or tasers, ensuring your safety and peace of mind on every journey.

"Our mission is to empower women with confidence, security, and peace of mind, ensuring safety and protection during every moment. Grounded in the principles of vigilance, empowerment, and community, Guardelle™ offers discreet and reliable safety solutions designed for women by women. While our core focus is personal safety devices, we're committed to fostering a world where every individual feels secure, supported, and empowered in their daily lives."


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